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Email Data Protection


Protect your sensitive information over email

Email is cybercriminals’ favorite threat vector for inbound attacks. It’s also a critical vector for outbound data loss.

Data loss originates with people. Careless users or malicious insiders may leak sensitive corporate information to the unauthorized recipient while attackers may hack into an internal employee’s account and use this legitimate account to disclose confidential data.

Apart from data leaks caused by insiders through misdirected emails, compromised accounts or intentional acts, cybercriminals can lead to data loss externally. It is because email is sent in plain text and completely insecure by default, making it as easily viewed by outsiders as a postcard. This makes email communication vulnerable to hackers who attempt to intercept and read organizations’ sensitive data. Whether it is an insider or an outsider leaking your valuable information, your organization may be exposed to monetary loss, legal trouble and loss of customer trust.

It is important that appropriate email DLP controls, which include both email DLP auditing and email encryption functions, are in place to prevent data loss due to human error or deliberate acts.


To protect organizations from data loss effectively, Cellopoint delivers a comprehensive email data protection solution, which combines DLP Audit and Email Encryption With DLP Audit and Email Encryption as a part of our all-in-one email security solution, you can increase control of your sensitive data while balancing employee productivity.


Its capabilities include:

  • It scans all outgoing email messages and attachments using predefined policies, including keywords, custom dictionaries, file fingerprinting, OCR and cumulative DLP rules to identify potential data loss.

  • It offers flexible corresponding actions when a policy is triggered. This ensures prevention from data loss without impeding employee productivity.

  • With fine-tuned policies, it helps organizations detect suspicious outgoing email and mitigate the risk of insider threats or business email compromise (BEC) attacks.

Cellopoint provides four types of email encryption, including HTTPs encryption, S/MIME encryption, PDF encryption and zip-file encryption to encrypt.

Ensuring legal or regulatory compliance

  • Our Email DLP solution prevents sensitive data from being shared with unauthorized external recipient and provides complete visibility into this data, helping organizations to ensure regulatory compliance.

  • In conjunction with the Cellopoint Email Archive, all information of outgoing emails is searchable and preserved securely as digital evidence for future legal proceedings or compliance requirements.

A centrally-based management console

All DLP policies can be managed from a single web-based console, reducing the burden on IT staff and management costs.

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