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People are the new perimeter.

Security should begin with your people. 

Today’s cyberattacks have transformed, targeting users, not solely applications nor infrastructures. This is why Cellopoint provides a people-focused approach to email security. By analyzing user behavior, we are able to provide visibility into potential risks generated by specific users and preemptively stop the attacks that target your people, data and brand. At Cellopoint, your email security is our priority.

Cellopoint provides a people-focused, comprehensive email security solution that combines email security gateway functions, API-based inbox defense, and email user awareness training. We protect organizations from advanced email-borne attacks and data loss.

See why your peers gave Cellopoint a rating 4.7 out of 5.

Our cloud-native email security platform

Effectiveness in augmenting Microsoft Office 365

Improvement in efficiency

Cost savings for IT maintenance and infrastructure

Global threat intelligence

Cellopoint global threat intelligence (TI) network uses AI techniques and a professional TI research team to analyze real-time threat data powered by trillions of email messages.  

The TI data is used to provide deep insights into the latest email threat landscape and ensure that Cellopoint Email Security protections are the most effective.


Start implementing people-focused email security today.

Our email protections can be delivered as a cloud-based service or an on-premises solution.

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