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Cellopoint Defender for Microsoft 365

Augment Microsoft 365’s native email security capabilities with Cellopoint Defender

Protect your M365 from email threats

Cellopoint Defender for Microsoft 365 is an integrated cloud email security (ICES) solution seamlessly integrating with Microsoft 365 (M365) via API, deployable in minutes without MX changes. Powered by AI and a cloud-native approach, it provides post-delivery protection to effectively enhance your M365’s native email security defenses, protecting your organization from advanced email threats such as credential phishing, ransomware, and BEC scams. 


Cellopoint is the sole vendor in the Asia Pacific region recognized by Gartner as a representative vendor in the Integrated Cloud Email Security category in the 2023 Gartner Market Guide for Email Security


298,878 phishing/spoofing incidents were reported to the FBI in 2023


$2.9 billion in global losses were attributed to BEC scams in 2023

Time-consuming for security teams

Security teams spend an average of 3 hours daily managing email threats

Integrated Cloud Email Security

AI-powered Detection

Leverages AI and machine learning model to effectively stop phishing, ransomware, and BEC scams.

Subscription-based Model

Predictable monthly pricing for budget control. Tailored for organizations with M365 plans and Exchange Online.

API-Enabled Architecture

Seamlessly integrates with M365 via API. Easy implementation and fast protection without requiring MX record changes.

Cellopoint Defender at a glance

Effectively detect M365-missed attacks

Our AI-based email security solution uses known good models to identify anomalies in sender identity, intention, and behavior. We complement M365's native email security with comprehensive detection mechanisms including threat intelligence analysis, SOC team analysis, and user/admin reporting, to block advanced threats like zero-day phishing, ransomware, and BEC scams missed by M365. 

Auto investigate and remediate your mailboxes 

Cellopoint Defender's Auto Investigation and Remediation (AIR) automatically investigates all inboxes within your organization upon detecting a new threat. By comparing patterns of the new threats, AIR identifies similar hidden threats and auto-remediates them according to policies. This may include actions such as adding warning banners, deleting, or moving emails to the junk folder. Such measures significantly reduce the security team's investigation time and workload burden. 

Auto remediate M365 false positives 

Cellopoint Defender scans not only emails in inboxes but also emails in junk folders to detect safe emails that M365 may have mistakenly labeled as spam. If a safe email (false positive) is detected in the junk folder, Cellopoint will auto-remediate it by moving it to the inbox and adding a banner. This ensures that important emails are not missed, improving organizational efficiency and productivity. 

Provide educational warning banners

Cellopoint Defender provides recipients with contextual warning banners containing clear and concise information about potential threats, which can help increase their email security awareness and reduce organizational risks. Additionally, recipients can report suspicious emails directly through the banners, allowing for rapid adjustments to detection effectiveness and saving time for security teams. 

Secure Microsoft Teams messages (Add-on)

Cellopoint Defender provides Protection for Microsoft Teams as an add-on service to enhance the security of Microsoft’s collaboration tool. Leveraging AI, Cellopoint can detect malicious links and attachments shared in Microsoft Teams chats and channels, protecting users against viruses, malware, and phishing attacks while communicating through collaboration tools, thereby ensuring the stability of user productivity. 

Learn what email threats are hidden in your M365 and get a free scan report

Apply for a Back Scan PoC today to: 

  • Discover the threats that got past your existing email security protection 

  • See how Cellopoint saves time for your SOC team and employees 

  • Identify Highly-Attacked Persons (HAPs) in your organization, including VIPs and employees 

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