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Email Archive


Secure your inbound, outbound and internal email data

As email continues to serve as organizations’ primary tool of internal and external communication today, an effective email archiving solution is ever important for organizations.

Cellopoint provides an email archiving solution which is different from a simple email backup solution. A backup system merely stores email in the mailbox without tamper-resistance and search functions while the Cellopoint Email Archive retains email in an original, unaltered format with quick search and indexing functions. This helps your organization stay compliant, facilitate e-discovery, reduce storage and ensure business continuity and disaster recovery during daily business operations.


The Cellopoint Email Archive is available as a physical appliance or as an integrated virtual solution or on-site or in-the-cloud deployment. With Cellopoint’s centrally-based, dynamically-scalable, policy-driven email archiving solution, your emails are securely stored, tamper-resistant, and searchable.

The Cellopoint Email Archive is ideal for organizations looking to:

Store business data securely

Our indexed archive retains your important data and business memory in a dedicated tamper-proof repository. This ensures safe retention and easy access and retrieval of individual email and attachments even when an end-user accidentally deletes or misplaces an important email or when an employee retires or resigns.

Meet compliance and regulatory requirements

With our granular retention and search policies, users are able to retrieve and search each item of past emails in seconds, filtering by sender, recipient, message content, attachment format, message size and time. In addition, archived email is encrypted and preserved securely in an unmodified format. This helps you to provide tamper-proof chains of custody, maintain integrity of your data and keep in line with compliance standards.

Streamline e-discovery

Cellopoint preserves each archived email’s digital fingerprint and timestamp to ensure data authenticity and leverages full text retrieval and indexing techniques to help organizations simplify e-discovery. We provide role-based security controls to ensure that only authorized auditors (e.g. Legal, HR, and Line Manager) have access to users’ archived email, detailed log data and comprehensive audit trails record. Auditors can then place selected data on legal hold and export it for analysis or disclosure. This drastically cuts the time and effort required to respond to discovery requests.

Reduce storage and management costs

With data compression technique, the Cellopoint Email Archive helps you reduce server storage and system load significantly. Reducing the volume of data managed by your server can also slash costs associated with IT maintenance. This allows you to use the cost savings for other important business initiatives.

Simplify Email Lifecycle Management (ELM)

Our email archiving solution is easy to implement, use and manage. It is scalable for all sizes of organizations. In addition, we apply hierarchical storage management (HSM) on our policy engine to automatically place individual email in online storage or nearline storage or move it to offline storage, based on the frequency of the email being searched and regulatory requirements. This ensures organizations to streamline email lifecycle management.

Cellopoint Online Archiving (COA)


The Cellopoint Online Archiving (COA) is a cloud-based email archiving solution, which is available for Exchange Online, Microsoft Office 365 and Google Workspace (G-Suite) users. The COA provides modern email archiving management, helping you solve retention, compliance and e-discovery challenges, while eliminating cost and hassle of traditional archiving solutions.

In addition to basic email archiving features, the COA’s features include:

  • Easy to configure and use.

  • No hardware repair required.

  • No software maintenance or upgrades required.

  • IT-level online support 7x24x365.

  • A dedicated storage in Tier 5 data center.

  • Fully redundant HA architecture.

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