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DLP Audit


Protect your sensitive data

Email is cybercriminals’ favorite threat vector for both inbound attacks and outbound data loss. Data loss originates with people. They can be careless employees, account-compromised users, or insiders with malicious intention. Accidental or malicious email data leaks could expose your organization to monetary loss, legal trouble and loss of customer trust. Cellopoint Email DLP Audit helps you eliminate the risk of data loss without stifling productivity.

Simplify email DLP with Cellopoint

Cellopoint’s DLP auditing solution scans all email content and attachments to identify potential data loss using flexible policies based on keywords, pattern matching and custom dictionaries. Cellopoint Email DLP Audit detects and analyzes custom dictionaries that are unique to each organization, including financials, customer lists and personal information, such as ID, phone numbers and medical record numbers.

When a predefined policy is triggered, a corresponding action will be taken to prevent potential exposed sensitive data. Administrators may block or quarantine the email, send it to the designated auditors for review and approval, encrypt the attached files automatically or add a digital signature to the email.

In addition to built-in policies, Cellopoint provides advanced DLP features, such as fingerprinting, OCR and cumulative DLP for more effectiveness and accuracy in detecting specific forms of sensitive data.



Cellopoint provides Email DLP Audit integrated into your email platform and AD system to enforce your organization’s outbound DLP policies, as well as offers an additional service, Email Encryption. With Cellopoint’s centrally-based, policy-driven email DLP filter and granular risk analysis reports, Cellopoint helps your organization greatly reduce the risk of data loss inherent in your employees and ensures you to satisfy regulatory compliance.


Its capabilities include:

Prevention of sensitive data loss

Email DLP Audit applies appropriate DLP security measures for specific users and groups by scanning their emails’ headers, subject lines, body text, attachments (TXT, PDF, RTF, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint), and archive files (ZIP) and ensuring that corresponding protective actions are taken.

Streamline regulatory compliance in conjunction with Cellopoint Archive 

Auditors can search all information of outbound-scanned email, including the sender, the recipient and the sensitive keyword, on an intuitive user interface, and this information can be preserved as digital evidence for future legal proceedings.

DLP Fingerprinting

Unlike other DLP solutions, Cellopoint Email DLP Audit uses policies based on not only file hashes but also document fingerprinting. Cellopoint runs machine learning algorithms to create and analyze fingerprints as a DLP policy. This helps to detect both structured and unstructured data and prevent exfiltration of sensitive data that had been modified.

Optical Character Recognition

With OCR capability, Cellopoint is able to extract information from an embedded image, such as a screenshot, a scanned receipt and a picture, and apply appropriate policies to prevent data loss.

Cumulative DLP

Cumulative DLP detects cumulative data transmission activity over time to prevent slow, small amounts of data leak.

Automatic email attachment encryption in conjunction with Cellopoint Email Encryption

Automatic email attachment encryption protects your important information from being read or intercepted en route by attackers.

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