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Secure Microsoft Exchange, Zimbra, and other Linux-based Email Systems

Make your on-premises email platforms safer by stopping advanced email threats


The challenge

On-premises email platforms, such as Microsoft Exchange and Zimbra, continue to serve business communication needs of millions of organizations worldwide – favored by many of their predictability, controllability and efficiency. However, these email platforms all fall short in one crucial area: security. Despite default protection, such as EOP for Microsoft Exchange, the standard security methods are insufficient in thwarting sophisticated and targeted threats.

Next-gen email security is required for on-prem email platform users

Today’s persistent and emerging email-borne attacks that EOP and traditional defenses have fallen behind with, such as spear-phishing, ransomware, business email compromise (BEC) scams and account takeover attacks, have led to major financial damage and data loss. An advanced, next-generation email security solution is essential in keeping your users ahead of these rapidly-evolving email attacks. Cellopoint delivers both on-premises and cloud email security solutions to consolidate your on-premises or hybrid email environments.


The Cellopoint cloud email security solution

Cellopoint's Email Threat Protection can be implemented in two ways:


1. API-based approach:

Our API-enabled cloud native email security solution is easy to deploy, requiring no changes to MX records. This helps organizations enhance productivity and agility while ensuring MS Exchange users an easy migration path to Microsoft Office 365 in the future.


Using API integrations, we can “claw back” unwanted and malicious messages by removing them from users’ inboxes after initial delivery. This ensures better capabilities to warn or remediate threats once a malicious message bypasses the gateway.


2. Secure Email Gateway (SEG)-based approach:


SEG-based cloud email security solution remains the traditional method of deployment. By pointing your MX records to Cellopoint email security solution, unwanted and malicious emails can be scanned and blocked before they reach your organization’s environment. 

Both API-based cloud email security solution and SEG-based cloud email security solution are ideal for stopping:

  • Spam and virus.

  • Ransomware and zero-hour attacks.

  • Targeted phishing campaigns.

  • Payload-less social engineering attacks.

  • Business email compromise (BEC) scams, including internal/vendor impersonation and internal/vendor account takeover attacks.

The Cellopoint on-premises email security solution

Cellopoint’s email security solution can be deployed in hardware appliances or virtual machines as an ideal on-premises solution for organizations which prefer maintaining full control of email infrastructure. Our comprehensive, AI-based, on-premises email security solution protects on-premises email system users by addressing three critical email needs: inbound email threat protection, outbound email data protection, and archiving.

Cellopoint solves on-premises email platform challenges with:

  • Spam and virus control

  • Advanced threat protection

    • Effectively stops phishing campaigns, ransomware, zero-day attacks, social engineering attacks, and business email compromise (BEC) scams.

  • Email DLP and encryption

    • Accurately classifies confidential information, detects data exfiltration transmissions via email and prevents data loss. 

  • Email archiving

    • Preserves email safely, allows users to search archived email quickly, and keeps users receiving and sending email during system outages.

  • E-discovery and regulatory compliance

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