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Secure Microsoft Office 365

Secure your move to the cloud by protecting against advanced email attacks.


The challenge

Organizations of all sizes are widely adopting Microsoft Office 365 as the leading choice of cloud-based email system. This migration to Microsoft Office 365 has allowed organizations to streamline email security investments and leverage the Microsoft native email security, Exchange Online Protection (EOP) and Advanced Threat Protection (ATP).


But this approach is far from perfect, leaving organizations vulnerable to sophisticated and targeted email threats including spear-phishing and Business Email Compromise (BEC) attacks. A complementary layer of AI-based threat detection is required to stop these threats that evade Microsoft.

Augment Microsoft Office 365 security with Cellopoint


Microsoft Office 365 works best in detecting:

  • Existing spam attacks and unwanted bulk email. (e.g., newsletters)

  • Known malware attacks.

  • Large-scale phishing campaigns that use malicious URLs or malicious attachments.


Cellopoint fortifies Microsoft Office 365 by stopping:

  • Social-engineering attacks with no malicious payload

  • Zero-hour attacks with no existing signatures and ransomware attacks

  • Low-volume, highly-targeted attacks and spear-phishing campaigns

  • Business email compromise (BEC) scams, including impersonation-based fraud and account takeover attacks.

  • Spam attacks that bypass Exchange Online Protection

The Cellopoint Microsoft Office 365 solution

Cellopoint supplements the email security limitations of Microsoft Office 365 with an intelligent, native API-based integration. We build our solution not only in Cellopoint cloud platform, but also in Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Google Cloud Platform (GCP).  


Cellopoint's cloud-ready Email Threat Protection for MS Office 365 users provides:

Impersonation detection

Prevent internal employee impersonation, CEO fraud, whaling, and invoice scam by inspecting email content, intention, sentiment and language, combined with DMARC checks.

Account takeover prevention

Emails are subject to machine-learning powered detection and deep relationship analysis, protecting against sophisticated CEO fraud or invoice/payment fraud originated from compromised mailboxes within your organization or from your supply chain partners.

URL-based threat detection

Defend against known and unknown malicious sites and fake login pages with URL-based threat detection: real-time scanning, time-of-click detection and retroactive detection.

Attachment sandboxing

Protect against advanced polymorphic malware and ransomware.

Seamless integration with no MX change

Deployment in seconds without disruptions of current email traffic flow as Cellopoint integrates fully with Microsoft Office 365 via Graph APIs.

Threat remediation after delivery

Delivered email with latent threats can be removed manually or automatically, preventing post-delivery attacks and zero-days.

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