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Mail Archiving (MA)

Protect business data and streamline compliance and e-discovery with Cellopoint Mail Archiving (MA)

Secure your inbound, outbound and internal email with Cellopoint’s Archiving

Cellopoint’s Mail Archiving (MA) is an email archiving solution which efficiently indexes and archives emails, facilitating swift searches and effortless retrieval for system administrators, auditors, and individuals alike. Whether you use cloud services such as Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace, or on-premises platforms like Exchange and Zimbra, Cellopoint’s MA helps you enhance digital asset preservation, mitigate cybersecurity risks, ensure compliance, reduce storage costs, and optimize data management.


Top 1 business communication tool

Over 90% of professionals use email for daily business communication

Compliance and Legal Requirements

Around 75% of o organizations undergo regulatory audits at least once a year

Storage Costs & Optimization

Effective email archiving can reduce email storage costs by up to 80%

Mail Archiving

Data Protection & Compliance

Archive all your email data securely and ensure legal or regulatory compliance

License with Maintenance Model

Customers pay an upfront fee for first-year license access, with maintenance (renewal) fees afterward. 

Flexible Deployments

Deployable on on-premises hardware or VMs and public clouds like AWS, GCP, and Azure.

MA features at a glance


Each archived email is assigned with a unique fingerprint and timestamp to ensure data integrity and maintain tamper-proofing, serving as legally valid evidence.


Perform full-text analysis and indexing on the dates, headers, bodies, and attachments of emails to ensure quick search and retrieval of archived emails. Additionally, support the search of attachment content for various file types, such as TXT, RTF, PDF, DOC, PPT, and XLS. 


Daily compression is applied to indexes, email bodies, and system logs. with redundant emails sent to multiple recipients stored only once, resulting in significant storage space savings.

Intuitive Search

With full-text and field-based search capabilities, users can quickly and precisely find relevant archived emails and easily resend or forward them.


Cello Database encryption technology ensures enhanced security for archived data.


Offer email legal evidence management, encompassing the collection, processing, searching, analysis, retention, and export of archived emails.


Cellopoint MA can be effectively planned according to the number of users and the amount of email storage, and can be horizontally expanded year by year to safeguard IT investment costs. 

Policy-based ELM

Email Lifecycle Management (ELM) is the management of email data throughout its entire lifecycle: from creation and storage to eventual deletion. Cellopoint MA employs the concept of Hierarchical Storage Management (HSM) along with Cellopoint’s policy engine to perform ELM. This involves defining online, nearline, and offline storage based on the frequency of email queries and regulatory storage requirements. Additionally, it integrates cloud storage spaces, such as Azure, GCP, and AWS to ensure efficient utilization of storage devices. Cellopoint MA also provides an intuitive and user-friendly search interface, effectively addressing the need for enterprises to promptly present evidentiary proof in compliance with personal data protection regulations. 


  • Online: Refers to the MA's local storage device, where recent and frequently accessed email data is stored.  

  • Nearline: Utilizes NFS/CIFS to store long-term and less frequently accessed email data.  

  • Offline: Through third-party backup software, nearline data can be backed up to offline storage devices. 

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