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Personal Information

Basically, you have the right to not tell us who you are, and not share any information about your personal information. In some cases, however, we still need you to provide personal data, such as: product registration, technical support, answer questions, offer subscription services or when applying for a job.
We may need this information in order to complete your request and provide a better service.

Uses of Personal Information
  • To complete your request, such as product registration.

  • To conduct customer satisfaction surveys, market or other related research.

  • To provide information to partners and resellers for marketing purposes.

  • Anonymous data for analysis.

  • If you are a business partner or representative(agents/distributors), it can be used to develop a business relationship.


It’s your choice

You can tell us anytime if you do not want your personal information to be used for subsequent marketing activities; we will respect your choice. You can also close cookies on your browser.

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