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We are Cellopoint /ˈtʃɛloʊˌpɔɪnt/.

We deliver the most effective email security solution to protect your people, data and brand;

similar to the cello playing a crucial, reliable, and irreplaceable role in an orchestra.

Our mission

To make email safer and more secure.

We build innovative, cloud-ready email security.

Cellopoint is the leading email security company, entrusted to safeguard organizations against email-borne threats and compliance risks while driving productivity improvement and digital transformation. We are dedicated to innovating and providing effective, holistic, easy and affordable email solutions.

AI-based user behavioral analysis

Leverage AI and machine learning for behavioral understanding and better detection of advanced payload-less attacks.

Cloud-native platform

Allow organizations to easily and quickly implement the email security solution without MX record or mail routing changes.

Global threat intelligence database

Apply up-to-date threat intelligence and insights for stronger email protections.


years in business






Trusted by

thousands of organizations worldwide

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