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Get Ahead of Ransomware Attacks

While many variants of ransomware exist – Locky, WannCry and CryptoLocker – are among the most common, they each account for a significant financial loss every year.

Preventing ransomware requires an advanced approach

Ransomware is a type of malware that attempts to encrypt or publish victim’s data, or block access to a computer system until the victim pays a ransom.

Ransomware is typically spread through a few main avenues, but its favorite attack vector is email. It can be distributed through phishing emails containing infected attachments or malicious links which may induce drive-by-downloading.

A successful ransomware attack can lead to a huge financial loss, service interruptions and/or loss of customer’s confidence in your organization. Start revising your email protection strategy with Cellopoint. We are committed to thwarting email-borne ransomware attacks and securing your data and money.

The Cellopoint ransomware protection solution

With Cellopoint’s capabilities of ransomware detection, data protection, archiving, and recovery, we deliver a comprehensive ransomware protection solution to protect your organization from ransomware attacks as well as prevent email outages and data loss.


Cellopoint’s unmatched ransomware defense solution ensures organizations to:

Block ransomware through multi-layered detection and sandboxing analysis.

Avoid system disruptions and email downtime.

Prevent data loss and recover lost data quickly after attack with archiving.

Gain the detailed report and granular visibility into the most vulnerable people to attacks in your organization.

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