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SaaS Email Solution

Cellopoint SaaS Email Solution offers cloud-based inbound email protection, outbound DLP and archiving to protect organizations against email attacks such as phishing, BEC scams, ransomware and spam, as well as prevent email data loss and provide email retention and compliance.


Cellopoint SaaS Email Solution is ideal for organizations that plan to move to the cloud or lack the IT resources to deploy and manage on-premises infrastructure as Cellopoint SaaS Email Solution combines powerful email security, data loss and archiving features like on-premises secure email gateways while it saves on hardware and maintenance costs.

Experience the Power of Simplicity and Flexibility with

Cellopoint Comprehensive SaaS Email Solution

Cellopoint Online Protection

Cellopoint Online DLP

Cellopoint Online Archiving

COP (Cellopoint Online Protection)

COP is a cloud-based email security solution that offers full protection against all known and unknown threats, from spam and viruses to phishing emails, malware, BEC scams, and advanced persistent threats. With COP, you can be confident that all threats are blocked from reaching your inbox, ensuring a high level of protection.

CODLP (Cellopoint Online Data Loss Prevention )

CODLP offers cloud-based email auditing and encryption that detect sensitive and confidential information and take actions such as blocking, forwarding, notifying, or encrypting emails to prevent data loss, simplify email risk management, and ensure regulatory compliance.

COA (Cellopoint Online Archiving)

COA is a cloud-based email archiving solution that archives emails securely and ensures quick search and retrieval of emails by simply configuring journaling rules. It also features indexing, compression, encryption, and e-discovery functionality. COA helps organizations to stay compliant, reduce storage costs, and optimize data management.

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