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URL Protect


Stop advanced email attacks with URL protection

As remote work becomes more popular and organizations continue to increase their cloud footprint, cyber security is getting more challenging. Cyber criminals can take advantage during these changes to launch sophisticated email attacks, including phishing campaigns, ransomware and business email compromise scams.

The majority of these attacks rely on malicious links to steal credentials or deliver malware. One wrong click on these malicious URLs can lead to devastating consequences including account compromise, monetary loss, data theft and reputation damage.


URL protection is thus essential as part of a comprehensive email security strategy in defending your organization against persistent and emerging threats.

Cellopoint’s unmatched URL protection

An efficient URL protection is more important than ever today as skilled hackers can easily bypass email security solution that only detects URLs during the initial delivery. Attackers may use a benign link to lure users at first, and then direct them to a malicious site later on.

Cellopoint URL Protect takes a different approach to combat these kinds of advanced attacks. Our software scans all incoming and archived emails from every click. With an additional Time-of-Click (ToC) protection, Cellopoint rewrites unknown suspicious URLs and detects URLs in real-time when the user clicks on it. Cellopoint URL Protect also detects the URLs retroactively for post-click resolution.

With multi-phase detection, Cellopoint prevents users from malicious URLs that can trigger fraudulent, zero-day credential-phishing ,and other advanced persistent threats.



Cellopoint offers URL Protect as part of Cellopoint Advanced Email Threat Protection. Delivered as a cloud-based service or an on-premises solution, Cellopoint's URL protection uses multi-phase detection and powerful threat intelligence to block URL-based email attacks.


Its capabilities include:

Pre-click inspection with Cellopoint's 125 types of URL threat intelligence

Time-of-Click scanning 

Retroactive detection

Blocking of typo-squatted domains

Detection of URLs embedded in Microsoft Office documents, PDFs and ZIP files

Sandboxing of downloaded files in conjunction with Cellopoint Attachment Protect

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