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Email Security Awareness Training


Turn your users into a strong line of defense

The vast majority of today’s cyberattacks start with people and rely on human interaction. Even with a robust security solution, sophisticated attackers can try to bypass it and wait for your users to take the bait. Ensure your users understand cyber hygiene and empower them to defend against the latest email threats by providing them with a comprehensive email security awareness training.

Cellopoint’s people-focused email security awareness training provides phish testing, user behavior analysis, an online training with an awareness assessment exam, and detailed reports for organizations to mitigate the risk of human error, prevent email attacks, and meet regulations.


The Cellopoint Email Security Awareness Training is fully integrated into Cellopoint’s email security solution and easy to deploy. It helps your users fully understand the critical role they play in fighting security threats, and identify potential attacks they may encounter. In addition, our user awareness training acquaints users with right responses when faced with sophisticated attacks, transforming your users from risky to ready.

The Cellopoint Email Security Awareness Training is ideal for organizations looking to:

Maximize the value of security awareness training.

We know outdated content of phish testing only wastes your users’ time and does not drive results. That’s why Cellopoint offers customized, up-to-date phish testing with a large variety of phishing themes, such as trending topics, industry-relevant news, internal announcement, meeting invitation, advertisement and other subjects your users are interested in the most to meet your unique awareness initiatives.

Ensure users equip with knowledge to defend the latest email threats.

By leveraging our extensive threat intelligence, Cellopoint is able to simulate authentic attacks and deliver real-life, de-weaponized phish testing. Aligned with our online training course, users will learn attackers’ tactics and the latest types of social engineering email attacks, such as business email compromise and impersonation attacks. This helps better prepare your users to deal with actual email attacks as they occur.

Gain complete insights into your riskiest users.

By analyzing user behavior, Cellopoint gives you insights into your organization’s vulnerabilities, including which end-users pose the greatest risk and which topic your users fall for the most. Armed with this information, you can more effectively target resources to your riskiest employees who need additional training.

Keep in line with regulatory compliance.

When security awareness training is mandatory, you don’t have to worry about it. Cellopoint provides ready-to-launch user awareness training to help organizations meet compliance.

Protect users with a comprehensive email security solution.

The Cellopoint User Awareness Training is seamless integrated with Cellopoint solutions for Email Threat Protection, Email Data Protectoin and Email Archiving to deliver a single, comprehensive, people-focused solution that addresses all email security requirements.

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