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RSA Conference 2024: The New Era of Artificial Intelligence

The annual global information security event, RSA Conference 2024, concluded last week in San Francisco, USA, attracting over 40,000 cybersecurity professionals from around the world to discuss the latest trends and innovative solutions in the field of information security. The conference featured 600 cybersecurity brands and 650 speakers, showcasing the robust development and limitless potential of the cybersecurity domain. 


This year's RSA Conference marked its 33rd edition with the theme "The Art of Possible," exploring how, despite the increasingly complex landscape of cyber threats where hackers use sophisticated tools like deep learning models and generative AI for destructive attacks, we can overcome these challenges through united defense and innovative technologies. With this concept at the core, exhibitors and speakers focused on the application of AI and the importance of collaborative defense, proposing corresponding strategies and measures to address new threats. 


In addition to participating in forums and presentations, we had an in-depth meeting with threat intelligence company alphaMountain, discussing their experience in entering the Indian market and conducting PoCs with the Indian government. This exchange provided valuable insights and is of significant importance for our future development in the Asian market. We also discussed subsequent close cooperation between Cellopoint and alphaMountain, looking forward to mutual development. 


Cellopoint has been dedicated to the development of AI technologies, using natural language processing, machine learning, and deep learning to combat new threats, improve catch rates, accelerate response times, and achieve full automation to counter generative AI attacks. This aims to provide better performance and higher efficiency in email solutions, including the next-generation cloud-native email security solution — Cellopoint Defender, which integrates seamlessly with Microsoft 365 via API for quick deployment and protection. Additionally, Cellopoint offers email security gateways and SaaS inbound email security, COP, all utilizing AI technologies to detect and intercept advanced email threats. 


Cellopoint's leading email security technology has been recognized as a representative vendor in Gartner's "2023 Market Guide for Email Security," and "2022 Hype Cycle for Endpoint Security."  


For further information or to purchase Cellopoint services, please contact us at or call: +886-2-89692558


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