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Cellopoint and uniXecure Unite to Offer a Full Spectrum Enterprise Cybersecurity Solution


In an innovative collaboration, Cellopoint has teamed up with uniXecure, a prominent cybersecurity services company under the SYSTEX Group, along with other cybersecurity partners, to establish a full spectrum protection team. This alliance was showcased at the "CYBERSEC 2023 Taiwan Cybersecurity Event," where the focus was on addressing the four critical cybersecurity concerns faced by enterprises: "external threats, internal risks, regulatory compliance, and uninterrupted operations." The ultimate objective is to empower organizations with comprehensive protection.

Introducing "Full Spectrum Protection" for Cybersecurity

Cellopoint and uniXecure have joined forces to introduce the pioneering concept of "Full Spectrum Protection" within the field of cybersecurity. This concept seamlessly integrates three core elements: products, services, and compliance. By doing so, it effectively enhances email security and risk management for enterprises. Simultaneously, it guarantees compliance with both internal and external audits as well as regulatory requirements, creating a robust and holistic protection mechanism.

Protection Against External Threats and Mitigating Internal Risks

In response to the evolving landscape of email threats, Cellopoint combines cutting-edge cloud email security with an online unified protection platform. Employing multi-layer scanning mechanisms and a robust threat intelligence network, it neutralizes advanced malicious threats, including ransomware, Business Email Compromise scams, spam, viruses, phishing emails, and spyware. These comprehensive measures ensure email server stability, prevent account takeover, facilitate efficient email security risk management, and elevate the quality of email services.

User-Centric Email Security Solution

Our user-centric, cloud solution protects users from advanced email attacks, including phishing, viruses, ransomware, Business Email Compromise scam, and spam. At the same time, we help organizations comply with regulatory requirements and email data loss prevention (DLP).

Cellopoint's Email Security Technology Recognized by Gartner

Cellopoint has been recognized in several prestigious reports by Gartner. The company has been featured in the “2023 Market Guide for Email Security”, the “2022 Hype Cycle for Endpoint Security”, and the “2023 Vendor Identification Tool for Email Security”. These recognitions from Gartner serve as further validation of Cellopoint's strength and innovative capabilities. Cellopoint offers the most suitable email solutions for businesses of all sizes, whether they are small and medium-sized enterprises, large enterprises, or service providers.

For inquiries about Cellopoint services, please contact us at: or call us at: +886-2-89692558.


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