Partner Program

Cellopoint devotes thoroughly into the research & development of solution plans in the field of "Information Security" as well as "Network Management". We truly believe that only through a specialized work division, can the company's value be brought into a full play. Hence Cellopoint introduces our products to the international market successfully through cooperating with vast channel partners.

Cellopoint markets its products worldwide through cooperating with vast channel partners: Valued-Add Resellers, Distributors and System Integrators. These partnerships allow us to reach a larger market share and provide faster and better on-site support to our customers. Cellopoint is constantly expanding our Sales channels, and we invite you to join us and Become a Partner.

Cellopoint partners with industry leaders in the information security arena for the development and implementation of leading email security products. These alliances result in the delivery of cutting-edge technology to our customers. We welcome you to join our Technology Partner program.

For more information about partnership opportunities, please call 886-2-8969-2558 or email us