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Stop phishing, ransomware and business email compromise (BEC) attacks that traditional email security solutions do not address.

Protect your organization against increasingly sophisticated email attacks

Phishing, ransomware, BEC and advanced persistent threats require a comprehensive security strategy.

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Cellopoint cloud-native email security

AI-powered detection

Cellopoint leverages predictive AI techniques with machine learning model to analyze attackers’ intention, behaviors, and patterns, effectively stopping phishing, ransomware, BEC scams and other advanced email-borne attacks.

API-enabled architecture

Cellopoint’s could-native email security solution seamlessly integrates into Microsoft Office 365 with Graph API. This ensures easy implementation without MX record or mail routing changes.

Post-delivery remediation

Cellopoint rechecks all previously delivered emails and automatically claws back emails with newly discovered threats from users’ mailboxes after delivery.

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Cost savings for IT maintenance and infrastructure

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