Cellopoint Consulting Service

Cellopoint consulting service provides you with direct access to Cellopoint experts with extensive networking, email system management experience. The service helps you design, plan, implement and test a high-performance email system infrastructure, accelerating business advantage, giving you efficient solutions to best meet your business requirements.

Featured solution areas:

  1. Email System Architecture and Planning :
    Help you design, plan and deploy a secure email system infrastructure to map your organization’s needs, including email servers, information security policies, administration, integration and migration, impact analysis and storage hierarchy management.
  2. Email Information Lifecycle Management :
    Match data throughout its life to tiers of storage based on your organization’s requirements and email lifecycle plan. Integrate with existing email servers and storage facilities. Position email data throughout its life to tiers of storage such as online, near-line and off-line.
  3. Email Archiving :
    Address retention requirements, define access control and set up standard operation process and maintenance for email systems.
  4. System Migration :
    Review your current email system to evaluate architecture via reengineering concepts and help develop a strategy, plan, and detailed design for system migration.
  5. Anti-spam Technology Optimization Services :
    Cellopoint experts work with you to develop a customized email security solution that is tailored to your current environment. It is a service that secures an organization's email infrastructure by stopping spam and viruses, allowing IT managers to focus on other strategic initiatives.
  6. Compliance and Email Policy Enforcement Service :
    Ensure consistent policy enforcement and compliance with standards and regulations (HIPAA, GLB, SOX). Improve your visibility into the email activities by encryption and archiving.
  7. Disaster recovery :
    Design and validate a recovery plan that meets your specific recovery objectives. Minimize the impact of a disruption on revenue and profit.

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