Adobe – spam example


Below is a spam sample, which has attached a virus file. The sender IP ( (picture three) is from the United States. By forging the envelope-from and hostname, the spammer made the header and received fields seem believable as from an authentic Adobe website. In Picture one shows the spoofed invoice, which tricks recipients into downloading the attachment. Picture two reveals the page when the attached word file is opened. Unconscious victims might consider that it’s a protected file and follow the instructions to enable the file. The effort turns out in vain and at the same time virus infects the computer unknowingly.

The letter begins with : “Dear Customer,

Thank you for signing up for Adobe Creative Cloud Service.

Attached is your copy of the invoice. Thank you for your purchase. …”

(picutre one)

(picture two)The page showed after the recipients opened it.

(picture three)sender IP is from the United States