VISA - spam example

 "Phishing" refers to the emails, which acquire sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, and credit card details by masquerading as a legal enterprise or individual. Phishing emails lure cardholders to browse fake website and enter your credit card information, like card number, credit card expiration date, ID number, date of birth, credit card verification code, passwords etc

This Phishing email is from Italy.
“Dear User,
as part of our security measures, please verify your account.
VISA invites you to join and help that we update your personal information.
The process is simple:
Click here (the Link)......"

The following screenshot shows the phishing website. The most easy way to spot a fraudulent site is by looking at its URL. The safer way is to log in from official website. A few extra steps that take less than 5 seconds but can save a lot of frustration in the end.