Wendigo - spam example

Wendigo is abbreviation for Operation Windigo. It’s kind of Linux worm and with complicated APT(Advanced Persistent Threats) attack. Wendigo focus on Unix server. The hacker take control of the infected servers and use them to send spam. They thus earn money from these websites as an “advertiser”.

The example is like a normal email from dating sites. But it’s actually a spam mail from Operation Windigo botnet.

Most companies use Linux-based operating systems. However this APT attack target Unix. The compromised servers send out millions of spam emails, install back-door program, and steal confidential data.

Hackers and criminals are constantly developing and releasing new viruses and malware. In order to prevent cyber attacks from attacking your computer, it’s suggested that your company build a comprehensive security defense, including establishing adequate controls to protect confidential data or applying security awareness training. And most important of all, don't click links in suspicious e-mail.

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