Social Engineering Testing

Social Engineering is a phishing attack where a hacker takes advantage of the curiosity and negligence of users to steal valuable information of the person or an organization. It has become a trending vulnerability in corporations and government institutions. Penetration Testing Services educates your staff to practice safe e-mail habits. We also analyze potential risk and give suggestions for improvement.


  1. Request for Penetration Testing Services
  2. Determine the Scenario
  3. Create Email Template
  4. Prepare the Attack
  5. Run the Test
  6. Collect the Results
  7. Advise your Employees
  8. Provide Recommendations.

Type of e-mail:

  1. The e-mail title will be discussed in first meeting
  2. The titles can be designed related to gossips, election, stock investment, the anniversary celebration, any breaking news in that period of time
  3. HTML or text e-mail are both available

Immediate Benefits:

  1. Arouse awareness of employees towards unsolicited emails.
  2. As a managing policy of email system while implementing ISMS (aka Information Security Management System)
  3. Enhance the risk management of all units in organizations, especially towards email scam, phishing and email forgery.
  4. Educate the employees whom has low awareness of email security, avoid any confidential data leakage.