Grid Search Solution for Archived Mail

As the most utilized form of communication in the workplace, preserving email messages or email archiving becomes a trend and a critical job in the IT department. Data continually increases, resulting in an enormous number of emails stored over a long period of time. To search particular emails by keywords quickly and precisely is currently a challenge for the administrator. Quick retrieval of email message is important for some corporates to provide evidence in lawsuits or for users to prove themselves, but there lies the problem, how fast can the search result be provided? How to get this time-consuming task done?

Cellopoint uses grid searching and cloud computing techniques to create the most innovative and fastest search engine for archived mail data which saves you a lot of time when looking for relevant emails from big data.

  • GC (Grid Controller)
    Auto delegate index files, gather statistics, analyze, monitor each GSA, and provide search results.
  • GSA (Grid Search Accelerator)
    Receives and preserves index files, works as a search engine (process the queries from GC), has an independent disk I/O tunnel, and is a scalable system that can be increased depending on the mail storage.
  • GS (Grid Storage)
    Store raw data of email messages, has high compatibility which can be integrated by NAS, IP SAN storage or HBA, and is highly scalable.

Old Archive Searching Procedure

Distributed Archive Searching Procedure


  • Meets regulatory compliance, legal discovery and storage management
  • Fast discovery of particular emails
  • Protection of corporate data and digital assets
  • High compatibility with different storage types
  • No need to schedule online, near-line and offline storages
  • No need to mount storages while searching for old data
  • High scalability as the number of GSAs can be increased year by year depending on the storage of raw data