Cellopoint Global Anti-spam Center

An example of a virus-detection method is to collect virus samples worldwide, then transmit to monitoring centers to determine the cause. After identifying characteristics and detoxification, they issue an update or pattern to be download to the computers. Cellopoint New Generation Anti-Spam Solutions also uses this concept. We set up honey pot system (a.k.a. decoy accounts) all over the world and collect spam samples. After the selecting by computer, artificial selection, and identifying the rules, we update the ICA to Cellopoint global anti-spam gateways. With the number of email reaches 1 million daily, the misjudging rate is very low and able to prevent spam attacks in a very effective way.

1. Spam collection:
Active collection of spam samples is an important indicator to differentiate catch rate among Anti-Spam products. Cellopoint has deployed a huge number of decoy accounts forming a world-class spam luring system (the Honey pot system). Millions of mail is collected daily, including different languages sources around the world.

2. CGAC:
Cellopoint Global Anti-spam Center is 24*7*365 full-time surveillance system completed by the lure of email samples collection and promptly real-time classification to determine whether the sudden spam bombs or spam zombie network attacks. CGAC draws rubbish when thousands of Image Spam, PDF or ZIP-type varieties and even the changes in original sources. After analyzed spam characteristics and behaviors, CGAC started to have a possible antidote then have it done a lot of stress and false-positive testing. Finally, the ICA pattern released and updated to Email UTM all over the world.

3. ICA Update:
Global updating is available within the warranty period wherever you are, as long as your Email UTM can access to the internet. Cellopoint offers timely and secure updates per hour to combat with the varied spam. The updating is automatic, time saving and less maintenance burden.

4. With Cellopoint Email UTM in your network environment, the large number of Internet Spam, Virus, Phishing Mail and new offensive serious threats are not problems. Email UTM is an All-in-One appliance with preventive security and system control, the UETM (Unified Email Threat Management).

5. According to the different needs of the clients, CIOs can customize their policy for email. Through the powerful Policy-Based Engine, they can set company-wide, departmental and personal policies. In accordance with the policies, Email UTM provides to multi-level filtering and interception by classification.

6. Legitimate email was transferred to the mail server while others (spam, virus, phishing…etc) were quarantined at Email UTM.

7. In the event of leakage or false-positive, customers can feedback to Cellopoint via intuitive interface. CGAC monitors the feedbacks 24*7*365, rectifies and updates the ICA rules. Cellopoint ranks No. 1 in Customer satisfaction.