Email Life Cycle Management

According to the current regulation and corporate growing needs, establishing a email life cycle is becoming more a necessity to organizations.

Email Life Cycle Management:

  1. Generation of Email
  2. Classification
  3. Mail Archiving Policy
    Only Specific Mail conducts email backup and archive.
    Predefine the life cycle of emails
  4. Indexing: All emails are indexed before archiving
  5. Search and Retrieval of specific emails
    Intuitive Search engine can easily and efficiently search online, nearline and offline data.
  6. Auto Delete
    Delete emails that were predefined by the email life cycle, which enable efficient use of storage space.

Mail Archiving can benefit organizations by preserving email digital assets, easily retrieve and restore emails, save IT personnel management time, compressing large data files to save storage cost, enhance the performance of mail server and provides flexibility to expand storage device that can guarantee current IT investment. Check more about Mail Archiver here.