Cellopoint Email Data Loss Protection

The issue of sensitive data leaking out from organizations should be highly valued. Due to the high impact of these data loss accidents, organizations face monetary loss, and other unseen operation risk. According to the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, they have concluded that some of the most common reasons for information leakage including employees intentionally or unintentionally leak out sensitive message through emails, laptops stolen or lost of disk/ USB etc. Whether the loss of data is due to malicious intention or unintentional error of employees, will all cause damage to organizations, including the monetary loss that occurs from data loss, as well as the damaged image and customer loss.

Cellopoint DLP offers comprehensive email data loss protection, which can protect email data when transmitted. Cellopoint DLP not only can help organizations to do regulation compliance, but also protect organizations brand and goodwill. Cellopoint believes a complete email monitoring system can contribute to efficient management. Cellopoint team has more than ten years of experience in the email management market, and through continuous investment and research in the information security sector, Cellopoint offers customer integration products and consulting service, which can effectively solve customers’ urgent issues.

Content filtering

Cellopoint content filtering function provides different regulation policy to automatic scan organizations messages. Easy setting of policy can support multiple languages. Organizations can flexibly define these policies to satisfy different department/ organizations needs.

Real Time Content Auditing

Through the function of content filtering, Cellopoint DLP can conduct real time dynamic auditing, policy setting and other manual function. When there is a violation of organizations policy and rules, Cellopoint Auditor will real time quarantine and conduct actions according to the policy that was predefined. This automation process will increase the efficiency of corporate auditing and lessen the burden of IT administrators.

Email Encryption

Cellopoint Encryption Appliance is an industry leading encryption technology, providing a unify solution for email encryption. When the message content pertains to finance, medical or other sensitive information that is defined by organizations, Cellopoint encryption appliance can auto transmit the message in an encryption method, which will make sure the confidentiality of the information.

Digital Signature

To ensure the non-repudiation, authentication and information integrity of email, digital signature is widely adopted. There are many ways to add in digital signature to emails, and the most common method is using email client such as Outlook / Outlook express to apply the signature. However, complexity of the process limits its availability in the market. Cellopoint Digital Signature adopts gateway method to prevent email-forgery without requiring users to install certificate, which makes it an easy deployment method for different organizations.

Management/ Report System

Cellopoint administrators interface can set different limits of authority, mail policy and generates all sorts of report system, including by dates/ weeks/ months to auto generate reports and assist IT administrators to monitor abnormal email behavior or threats.