CelloCloud - Your Private Email Cloud

Security Protection -

Anti-APT, Anti-Spam, Anti-Virus and Social Engineering Penetration Test

Risk Management -

Data Loss Protection, including Auditing, Archiving, Encryption and Digital Signature

Flexible Solutions -

Software, Hardware, Virtual Machine and Cloud Service

CelloCloud™, a cloud solution for email security, is based on CelloOS™ and cloud computing technology developed by Cellopoint. Inside CelloCloud™, there are four core components, protecting our customers from latest spam, virus threats.

Sender Reputation List, SRL

Sender Reputation List(SRL) is an address-based identifiers for email reputation created and managed by Cellopoint. It is a part of CelloCloud™, designed to provide customers real-time visibility into security threats from around the world. It can distinguish legitimate sources of email and stop threats such as spam, viruses and phishing.

Threat Sensor System

Threat Sensor System is an email traffic monitoring network. It gathers abnormal behavior from millions of sensors across the world by using an in-the-cloud collection and distribution model.

Honeypot System

Cellopoint has set up millions of decoy accounts forming a world-class spam luring system (the Honey pot system) to collect spam traffic regarding spammers and Botnet.

Cellopoint Global Anti-spam Center, CGAC

Cellopoint Global Anti-spam Center is 24/7 monitor center operated by Cellopoint email experts. They categorize and analyze worldwide email threats, validate the spam pattern generating process and ensure all the SLA's are met. With timely spam pattern update, we secure our customer all the time whether the sudden spam bombs or Botnet attacks.