Server Load Balancer

ellopoint server load balancer

The key issue of MIS applied in any organization is to ensure that various applications can continually serve customers. In order to enhance the efficiency of network, speed up the response time of application service, and alleviate the downtime of server, MIS has to plan more complex environment. At the same time we have to face more rigid challenge of network maintenance and server management.

CSLB Diagram

Cellopoint Solution

CSLB (Cellopoint Server Load Balancer) product series are specially designed and aimed at full time operation of various application services, optimized response of server farms, load balancing, full-time health check of server, server failure alarm, server fail-over and fail-back, etc., in order to accomplish the customers' desire and requirement of optimized services supported with 7*24*365.

Product Features

  • Five Load Balancing algorithms are supported, including:
    • Round Robin mode
    • Weighted Round Robin mode
    • By Bandwidth (amount of traffic flow) mode
    • By-Connection (number of connections) mode
    • Fastest response time (By Response Time) mode
  • Provide three health check methods for your host, including:
    • Ping by layer 3
    • TCP SYNC by layer 4
    • SMTP HELO by layer 7
  • Provide network detection tools, including:
    • Ping
    • Traceroute
    • Nslookup.
  • Provide health state events for your server being monitored the detailed logs:
    • by year / month / day / hour / minute / second.
  • Provide traffic statistics of monitored server, and use the line graph for trend analysis
    • by day, by week, by month or by year.
  • Independently display traffic statistics based on Inbound/Outbound direction.
  • Provide SNMP Trap function, with the ability to send SNMP Trap warning signal to four servers.
  • Provide standard Syslog function, with the ability to send Syslog information to four hosts.
  • Provide configuration setting file backup and restore function.

Key Advantages:

  • Easy management interface which can alleviate burden of MIS.
  • Flexible deployment, easy integration with existing environment.
  • Low cost, and saving the expense of IT.
  • Exclusive Operating System with high security and performance.

Specification and Performance of CSLB-800

  • Six 10/100/1000-Base-TX ports.
  • 200,000 concurrent connections available.
  • 8 load balancer groups.
  • Each group can detect 16application servers.
  • Standard 1U、19" rack-mount hardware.

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