Cellopoint Mail Archiver

Regulatory compliance, legal discovery and storage management have become essential in any business, increasingly corporate annual budgets. IT administrators carefully deal with optimizing the message repository and email lifecycle management. Legal departments increasingly need to recall messages related to an investigation and industry related regulations often include guidelines or mandates for message retention. Today’s business demands the need for a centralized, easily accessible and multi-functioning mail archiving solution. Cellopoint Mail Archiver assists with this goal.

How It Works

Leveraging standard policies, regulatory compliances and seamless access to messages, email content is fully indexed and backed up to enable administrators, auditors and end users quick retrieval of any email message stored in an organization’s email archive.



  • Integration with several mail servers, incluiding Exchange, Office 365 and IBM Lotus
  • Retrieval via POP3
  • Message compression
  • Expandable with external storage

E-discovery and Full Text Retrieval

  • Indexed storage enables fast retrieval of messages for e-discovery events
  • Search on message contents
  • Search on attachment name and contents
  • Search logs of email correspondence

Group management

  • Predefined administrator and auditor roles
  • Permissions structure offers access control
  • End user access
  • Integration with LDAP servers

Reporting, Statistics and Logging

  • Email volume
  • Storage utilization
  • Policy violations report
  • Email communication logging


  • Meet compliance and legal readiness requirements.
  • Faster backups / easier restore, and archiving your email server.
  • Give your users self-service to recover their own 'lost email' and an 'unlimited' mailbox size.
  • Full-text search saves time
  • Easily integrates with existing e-mail infrastructure

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