Encryption Solution

Cellopoint Encryption Solution (ENC) is a convenient, easy-to-use email encryption gateway that helps to safely deliver your confidential business messages. ENC resolves the issue of transmitting email in clear text over the Internet, ensuring the secure transmission of your sensitive business information and intellectual property, and making it the perfect email solution for data loss prevention (DLP).


This appliance enables users to send and receive encrypted email directly from their desktops as easily as regular email. Using a simple process, users can encrypt and deliver any business communication without complex software to install, configure, and maintain.

Policy-based Encryption

When a user sends an e-mail message, it is automatically encrypted according to administrator pre-defined policies, and when combined with a Cellopoint Security Gateway, existing policies can be expanded to provide complex encryption rules

Policy rules are created and managed within the Cellopoint Policy Engine. Policy Engine enables an entire organization, specific groups or even individuals to carry out automatic encryption, including the following AND/OR conditions:

  • People (sender, recipient and IP address)
  • Subject (keywords)
  • Time (different times, dates and periods)
  • Location (sent locally, sent externally via your mail server relay forwarding)
  • Object (attachment name, attachment format)
  • Number (number of attachments, size of email)

Multiple Encryption Options

3 types of encrypted emails:

1. S/MIME encrypted email
2. Read email via HTTPs hyperlink on notification
3. PDF encrypted email

5 encrypt options:

1. PDF – System generate random password
2. PDF – Sender set PDF password
3. PDF – Recipient set PDF password 
4. HTTPs – Read email via notification hyperlink 
5. S/MIME – Encrypt email with S/MIME 


  • Compliance with email privacy and data protection laws
  • Eliminate need for key and certificate management
  • Integrate with existing e-mail infrastructure
  • Complies with industrial encryption standards
  • Minimal total cost of ownership and maintenance costs
  • Automatic encryption for easy management
  • Easy integration of existing email infrastructure


  • Enforce organization encryption policies
  • Encrypt messages at the gateway based on policy rules
  • Ensure security of email transmission
  • Avoid leaks of sensitive data
  • Managed key server eliminates the need for certificate maintenance
  • Communicate securely with customers using the method that they prefer

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