Digital Signature- Prevent Email Forgery problems

Forgery of email has become more serious issues nowadays. Therefore, the adoption of digital signature to prove the non-repudiation of email has become more important to organizations. However, current digital signatures in the market face issues such as complicating process and effort of installation as well as maintenance problems. Hence, Cellopoint combine policy center to define all certificate- needed accounts and add digital signature to emails automatically, which not only is easy to deploy, it also can save administrators time for user training.

  • Identity Authentication: S/MIME signature can authenticate the identity of the sender and prove the email was sent from a valid sender.
  • Non-Repudiation: S/MIME signature utilize sender’s private key to conduct digital signature. When recipients receives notification letter for authentication purpose, sender cannot denial the messages was from that sender.
  • Integral of messages: S/MIME Digital Signature offers another security feature which is to ensure integral of the mail message. Recipient can verify the message by digital signature, and be sure that the message received was not tampered or modified. Any modification of the mail through transmitting process will fail to pass through as valid mail.


  • Simplify certification application process. Administrators can apply certification for every user.
  • Unify certification installation- Administrators can choose to install any sender’s certification and upload to Cellopoint device.
  • No need to use other email software for certification purpose.
  • Auto-Application of certificate: administrators can set email policy to auto apply digital signature to every users outbound mail, no sender can avoid from the policy.
  • Easy maintenance: When there is new personnel to the organization, administrators only need to add their certificate to Cellopoint Gateway device to enable the functions.