Cellopoint Mail Auditing

Cellopoint Mail Auditing comes with centralized auditing and reporting facilities, allowing the administrator to filter individuals’ or organizations’ message content, trace email behaviors and get immediate monitor and auditing data. 

Prevent Leakage of Sensitive Data

Avoid deliberate or accidental data leakage via email easily and effectively with advanced content filtering and monitoring capabilities. Cellopoint Auditing Appliances allow you to create and prioritize policies based on a user-defined events and attributes, such as email content, message size, keywords, file type, and sender and recipient. 

Enforce Organization's Acceptable Use Policies 

Cellopoint Mail Auditing makes it easy to define and enforce corporate acceptable use policies. It can be used to identify and prevent a wide variety of inbound and outbound policy violations–including offensive language, harassment, file sharing and violations of regulatory requirements.


CIO or IT Managers may think about corporate-wide information security policies, including privacy and data security regulations (such as HIPAA, GLBA, PCI, SEC rules and others). Such as:

  • Overall Policy: All inbound and outbound email should be scanned for virus and archived.
  • Organization Policy: Human resource can set a rule to allow e-newsletter of job banks.
  • Personal preference: Each user can create personal black and white list.
  • All the policies can be prioritized by system administrators.

Cellopoint Auditing Appliance Setting:

1. Direction setting:

Inbound, outbound, relay and local to local message

2. Rule setting:

  • Sender: IP, email address and mail domains
  • Recipient: IP, email address and mail domain
  • Group: Including Sender, Recipient and LDAP integration
  • Time: Time frames and schedule
  • Mail Header
  • Mail Subject and Keywords
  • Mail Body
  • Attachment: file types (PDF, Word, Excel, PPT, TXT, HTML) and keywords
  • Message size

3. Action setting:

  • To be confirmed and allow
  • Archive or not
  • Quarantine
  • Drop
  • Reject
  • Delete
  • Allow
  • Delay delivering
  • Priority, Email QoS
  • Forward
  • Sign a Digital Signature *
  • Encrypt *

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