Secure Email Gateway

Cellopoint Security Email Gateway is a multi-featured mail gateway deployed in front of a mail server to provide added security and functions. It is powered by CelloLabs which has the capability to filter out all email threats. In addition, Cellopoint Security Gateway eliminates 99% unwanted message and provides a high-class defending capability—not only from known threats, but from those certain to evolve in the future.


  • Protects against spam, viruses, spyware, and other malware
  • Affordable protection is simple and reliable
  • Reduces administrative overhead
  • Intuitive Management GUI

Tier One: Anti-spam Protection

Anti-spam methods eliminate more than 99% of spam with a range of anti-spam technologies including:

  • Denial of Service (DoS) Protection
  • SMTP Rate Limit
  • Bounce Back Protection
  • Directory Harvest Attack (DHA) Prevention
  • Sender IP Reputation Analysis
  • SMTP Transaction Check
  • Virus, Phishing and Spyware Scanning
  • Intelligent Content Analysis (ICA)
  • Heuristics Rule
  • Bayesian Analysis
  • Violation Check

Tier Two: Anti-Virus Filtering

A combination of multiple anti-virus engines offers an extensive real time scanning and virus definition updates. Catch a variety of known virus and phishing patterns, spyware, trojans, worms and malware threats. Easy to deploy in your existing email infrastructure.

Tier Three: Anti-APT-URL Protection

To protect against the phishing targeted attacks and malicious URL links, Cellopoint SEG will scan and block as follow:

Static Black/Whitelist Database
Over 2 million latest global URL black/whitelist database for quick comparison and quarantine.

Dynamic URL ToC (Time of Click) Scanning
To protect against the unknown, suspicious or malicious URL links, Cellopoint SEG will rewrite the links to go through CelloCloud for realtime examination. The URLs will be examined at the time when the users click them. If a link is unsafe, the users will be warned not to visit the site or informed that the site has been blocked by Cellopoint SEG.

Tier Four: Anti-APT-File Protection

To protect against the unknown, new advanced malware emails and attachment fi les, Cellopoint SEG will scan and block as follow:

Dynamic Sandbox Scanning
Suspicious email attachements will be sent as encrypted packages to the powerful cloud computing CelloCloud to do dynamic sandbox scanning.

Full-system emulation
Malware as Office and PDF files is captured and induced into a simulated operating system like Windows, Android, Mac OSX.

Correlation Analysis and Threat Scores
Threat Level Analysis that commands SEG to either block or release certain mails.

Professional Summary Report
Analysis report overview shows malicious file name, threats reputation scores, classifi cation, network activity and registry summary.

High-performance, Easy Deployment

Cellopoint SEG is designed to meet the unique needs of any size of business. It offers all of the performance, flexibility, scalability, customization and end-user control features needed in deployments.

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