Cellopoint Email UTM

Cellopoint's unified email security, archiving, and data loss prevention products provide complete protection against both known and unknown threats. Cellopoint combines a high-performance security CelloOS platform with Cellopoint Global Anti-spam Center (CGAC), an innovative intelligent content analysis technology that suit business organizations, schools, government entities and service providers – with best practice security measures that are easy to deploy and manage.

Email Threats Protection

Cellopoint Security Gateway

Cellopoint Security Gateway is a multi-featured mail gateway (also known as a mail firewall) deployed in front of a mail server to provide added security and functions. It is powered by CelloOS 4.0 from Cellopoint Labs which has the capability to filter out all email threats like spam, viruses, spywares, phishing attacks, Trojan horses, worms, internet viruses, and internet hacker attacks. In addition, Cellopoint Security Gateway provides a complete secure mail reporting and management environment. More

Real-time Auditing

Cellopoint Auditing Appliance

Cellopoint Auditing (AUD) comes with centralized auditing and reporting facilities, allowing the administrator to filter individuals’ or organizations’ message content, trace email behaviors and get immediate monitor and auditing data. It lets you define and enforce acceptable-use policies for message content and attachments and gets feedback on how effective certain policies may be. Organization can easily achieve compliance regulations like HIPAA, GLB or SOX and other regulatory requirements. More

Archiving & Discovery

Cellopoint Mail Archiver

Cellopoint Mail Archiver (MA) is an integrated hardware email archiving solution, enabling you to effectively archive, search and preserve all email, enhance operational efficiencies and achieve regulatory requirements. It not only reduces costs, but also keeps high availability of huge email traffic throughout the life cycle. Email content is fully indexed and backed up to enable administrators, auditors and end users quick retrieval of any email message stored in an organization’s email archive and create an excellent competitive advantage. More

Email Encryption Solution

Cellopoint Encryption Appliance

Cellopoint Encryption Appliance (ENC) is a convenient, easy-to-use email encryption gateway that helps to safely deliver your confidential business messages. Employing CelloOS 4.0 technology, this appliance resolves the issue of transmitting email in clear text over the Internet, ensuring the secure transmission of your sensitive business information and intellectual property, and making it the perfect email solution for data leakage prevention (DLP). More

Digital Signature - Prevent Mail Forgery

Cellopoint Digital Signature

Email forgery is becoming one of the biggest challenges in security organizations. A digital signature that seals a non-repudiation e-mail has become indispensable. However, most of the digital signatures that are on the market right now have so complicated processes and maintenance that organizations prefer not to use them. 

That's why Cellopoint offers its digital signature (SIG) ; with the policy center, it adds the digital signature to all  accounts automatically. This signature is easy to implement, and also saves time to your IT staff.

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