Cellopoint Partner Portal

Cellopoint Partner Portal

An integral part of Cellopoint's commitment to superior service is our Support Portal. Cellopoint customers and partners have access to our Support Portal which provides access to our expansive knowledge base, the latest product documentation, release notes, tools, security alerts, and case management to assist with resolution management and system administration.

Knowledge Base

Our expansive knowledge base provides answers to questions that span all of our products. Not only does our knowledge base provide the answers required to resolve common issues immediately, but it also contains key information on how to enhance the functionality of Cellopoint products. Our customers are encouraged to submit suggestions for new additions to the knowledge base.

Case Management

Our online case management provides a centralized and easy-to-use interface to open, update, and view the status of support cases. Our New Case webform provides a simple interface to submit new cases and prioritize issues.

Online Documentation

Our online documentation consists of specific documents on Cellopoint products, including guides, product manuals, and release notes, which are available in PDF and HTML format. The ability to save or print this valuable detailed documentation is yet another way that we provide the information needed to administer and manage Cellopoint products.

Software Release Notes

Our software release notes contain detailed useful information on our latest software releases. The Cellopoint Support Programs provide access to download our software releases which assures that our products are always on the most current and robust version. These updates to our Cellopoint products can be easily accessed through the appliance.

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