What happened when Hilary Clinton did not archive her emails?

As the email issues of the former US Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton continue to simmer, mail security is of a great concern all over the world. The evidence came up from the US officials’ investigation of the Benghazi attack in Libya in 2012. The investigator found that Hilary Clinton used personal email account to conduct government affairs while serving as Secretary of State from 2009 to 2013. After the incident was made public, it has caused social media and political uproar. Her sensitive status of 2016 presidential candidate is just making this security topic to grow into an ever bigger and bigger snowball.

The reason why she faces such criticism over the use of her private email is because using her personal account meant the emails were not protected, and were not preserved for future reference for the State Department. Security experts think this issue exactly reflects current problem of email management in many businesses. Although email has still great impact in modern business communication, managers often have passive thought of "solving a problem after it happens."

One of the features of the Cellopoint Mail Archiver is to dismantle the header, subject, body, and content attachment of every single email and to build up a complete archive index in the device. Therefore, the users will be able to quickly get the right results whenever they need to get access to their employees’ information.

The Mail Archiver disperses all the emails into the different servers, and each one of them provides indexing and storage. When the administrators and users want to find an email, each server starts their search separately. This was designed by the CelloLabs not only to shorten the time searching and finding an email, but also to improve the accuracy of search data. The CelloLabs also enforces Email Lifecycle Management - ELM, to provide a greater scalability and flexibility based on your increasing number of users and email volume. The emails will be transferred either to near-line or offline devices, achieving the highest effectiveness of your storage space.

The importance of archiving your employees’ emails has increased in the last years within the organizations. Hilary Clinton’s case is just another example on how sensitive the information on an email can be. Cellopoint offers an all-inclusive mail archiving solution that records your digital assets in a way that makes it faster to retrieve them, while meeting legal compliance requirements.

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