Email Error Reveals Banks' Secret Project


Thanks to a disclosed email from the Bank of England, it has been confirmed the UK is researching the financial risks of the European Union.

Reference: BBC news.

Accidentally, a senior official sent an email about a confidential project to an editor a national newspaper.

The revealed email specifies a small group of senior executive that are investigating the economic effects of the UK leaving the EU. The email also indicates that anyone should not ask about the project, secretly named Project Bookend. It points out that they should concerns "a broad range of European economic issues", and not make any reference to the forthcoming referendum.

The email was sent from Sir Jon Cunliffe's private secretary to four senior executives

James Talbot, the head of the monetary assessment and strategy division, is also involved in Project Bookend.

To avoid this kind of incidents, Cellopoint propose DLP module, which by the use of policies and keywords, can define which emails can pass, eliminate or be confirmed by an auditor before it is sent to the recipient. By using DLP, the organizations can set rules to audit the emails, such as sender, recipient domain, time and keywords located either on the body, attachment or even compressed attachment.

Cellopoint also highly recommend to take at least one more minute to check the recipient, CC, BCC, subject of the emails. It is well known that it is better late, than never (or in this case, better late than revealed).