Encryption Technology is a Trend in Cyber Security

The world's largest info security event, RSA conference, ended last week. With many relevant speeches, the use of encryption technology was highly discussed in the exhibition. After the Sony hacking attacks in 2014 and massive DDoS attack on GitHub earlier this year, which caused severe data loss and damage, draws thus people’s attention on the issue of data protection. It’s estimated that organizations are gaining a better understanding of the necessity of encryption and how it works.

Symmetric, Asymmetric, and Hashing are three common methods to implement encryption. Encryption is usually used to protect sensitive documents and to ensure the authentication, confidentiality, integrity, and non-repudiation of personal email. Cellopoint has developed encryption solution for many years. The experts in CelloLabs engage in finding out easy-to-use solution for users without technical background.

In CelloOS new version 4.1, users can protect the confidential files by using PDF encryption. Sender needs to simply add encryption keyword in ‘Subject’ field. Then recipient will get notification from Cellopoint Email Center about encrypted email. The recipient should contact the sender to acquire password and use the password to decrypt the email.

Besides PDF encryption, users have two other options: HTTPs and S/MIME. HTTPs encryption allows user to login into a personal secure area, to view all their received messages, and choose to download it or to retrieve it to their mail client through HTTPs. Using S/MIME encryption, the sender encrypts the mail with public key before delivery and sends the message to the recipient, realizing a transmission Gateway-to-Client. Cellopoint will automatically generate personal certification and private key for the recipient to install in their server. Later the recipients can decrypt the email by using the unique private key.

Cellopoint offers a user-friendly solution to encode emails, by using any of these three different methods, making email encryption suitable for all types of users.

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