Long-awaited! Cellopoint launches New Version CelloOS 4.X

Cellopoint launched last month its new version CelloOS 4.X for Email UTM. This new version brings a new rich set of technologies, features, and services to Cellopoint product line. Its goal is to increase security and management practices in companies and organizations such as government, banks, schools and service providers.
At the same time, Cellopoint 4.X helps to reduce total cost of ownership (TCO), whether you deploy Cellopoint on-premises or built-it in the cloud. New features and functionality in CelloOS 4.X are as follow:
  • Provides Flexibility and Productivity: IT managers are in constant struggle between flexibility and optimization. CelloOS 4.X is focused on inbound and outbound email security and management solutions, providing 7 modules All-In-One, including Security: Anti-spam, Anti-virus Engines, Anti-APT and Malware, as well as Risk Management: Archiving, Auditing (Data Loss Prevention), Encryption and Digital Signature, and even other optional modules, in order to fulfill end-users’ requirements within their budget.
  • Offers an Engaging Experience: CelloOS 4.X presents a new, fresh appearance; a web-based management interface which allows an easier and faster management of the console, set management policy for each module, quick view of message queue and user log, as well as analytical and statistical reports.
  • Role Flexible Configurations: With three new roles (Controller, Scanner and Storage), IT managers may, in accordance with traffic and storage space, allocate resource for effectiveness and scalability.
  • High Availability and Fault Tolerance: By allocating each function to the Controller, Scanner and Storage, AA (Active-Active) fuctionality is obtained, reducing the risk of any interruption or downtime.
  • Supports Big Data Grid Search: Unit storage costs have declined in the past years, as Preservation of Digital Information and Big Data Transfer has become a trend but at the same time, a challenge. CelloOS 4.X Big Data Grid Search moves data to the cloud without the risk of loss and eDiscovery capabilities protect and preserve your digital information.
  • Case Management and Tracking: when facing any lawsuits or court case, digital evidence needs to be retrieved fast and accurately. Through Cellopoint Case Management and Tracking Function, all email evidence is quickly and precisely discovered, eliminating law firms’ additional charges.
For more information about the new CelloOS version, please contact a Cellopoint Authorized Distributor, or email us to sales@cellopoint.com.