Video pump-and-dump Spam targets inboxes

Recalling 2007, Cellopoint Lab announced a lot of analysis of spam evolution. When the first time spammers put innovation into image spam, Cellopoint Lab had warned people of the possibility that spam may turn into audio and video format in the nearly future. Just as expected, with the pump-and-dump spam targeted inboxes, image spam followed after the defrauding crisis of mp3 spam in few months ago.

Cellopoint Lab has intercepted many of spam contained video links; the user will be guided to a high-definition video stream. Spammer clipped from legitimate television commercials and inserted conversation discussing the company's strategies and financial prospects, which made users to believe. After the broadcasting the news that the company had earned higher profits, investors were lured to buy shares. Spammer used the opportunity sell them quickly after the messages was sent and made a lot of profit. The target symbols had not been selected accidents; they were all Pink Sheets and OTC with small equity units, low-priced and easy speculation as their characteristics. With video streaming technology makes great strides, the production and dissemination of high-definition video files become easily. Same as video spam, it causes personal or business losses and people are extremely difficult to prevent. Under the circumstances, enterprises cannot rely on legislation or internet service providers' self-discipline. They cannot afford to the loss and must cope with the situation. Cellopoint technical consultant recommends that companies can use e-mail firewall as the first checkpoint to the e-mail to prevent employees from the opening a fraud hidden malicious e-mail and the un-trust URL inside mail body. The firewall can be a gatekeeper to e-mail systems and protect business from the various threats.