Cellopoint and Sunfuin Technology signed Taiwan sales agent contract to market E-mail Firewall full series products

TaipeiJanuary 09 , 2007–Cellopoint recently signed a Taiwan sales agent contract with information security product supplier, Sunfuin Technology, to market Cellopoint E-mail Firewall full series products. Adding a new channel partner in 2007, Cellopoint can be expected to be more competitive in the e-mail security market where it has long been working on.

Three years ago, Cellopoint realized that E-mail Threat will become more and more serious while in the market there was no single solution that can meet customers' needs. Therefore, Cellopoint devoted complete R&D resources to the fields of E-mail Security and Mail Audit. After 3-year test in the market, Cellopoint E-mail Firewall has won high complimet and competitive edge in terms of intercept rate, system effectiveness, product stability, and extensibility. Mr. Wang, Yen Hsung, President of Marketing Department of Greater China region in Cellopoint says: " In next 2 to 5 years, demand in e-mail security market will continue to grow. In order to speed up expansion and increase market share for Cellopoint E-mail Firewall series products, we are pleased to sign a Taiwan sales agent contract with Sunfuin Technology. Sunfuin Technology specializes in agency service for middle-and-high class networking and information security products in Taiwan. Sunfuin Technology is leading other competitors in terms of precision of product planning, highly efficient channel management and service, multi-faceted marketing experience, and professional technology support team. Sunfuin Technology seamlessly connect research and manufacturing, sales agency, and after-sale service. That is invaluable benefit and protection for customers."

In 2007, Sunfuin Technology will represent Cellopoint to conduct sales, technology support, marketing, and after-sale service in Taiwan. Mr. Wang, Yen Hsung says: " Sunfuin Technology not only sells Cellopoint's products but also provide different solutions for different customers through resellers. Therefore, Security, Connectivity, Reliability, and Management can all meet customers' needs. In addition, it is also important for us to nourish channel partners as well as to maintain middle-to-long term relationship with them."

This year will be one that we can see significant growth in the market of E-mail Security and Mail Audit. Threat from e-mail will not decrease but increase instead. We as users may suffer first before we get benefits. Schemes raging from traditional SPAM to Image SPAM that is hard to identify or from Mail bomb sent in batch to even more intelligent fashion of disperse sending have been troubling information management workers and users. Governments, schools, private companies, banks, securities houses are all possible victims. Through different sales channels, Sunfuin Technology will direct Cellopoint series products to different industries and customer groups. Cellopoint will continue to ride on market trend to devote research resources to satisfy customers.