Cellopoint Announces the Latest ICA Technique to avert GIF SPAM Effectively

TaipeiNovember 08, 2006–Means of delivering SPAM ameliorate increasingly. According to the statistical data from Cellopoint Lab, starting from the Q3 2006, the number of GIF SPAM grows by a wide margin. Spammers are able to deliver ads with forms of GIF through the latest SPAM delivery program, perfectly avoiding built-in databases of Black Lists, Keywords, and Collecting & Categorizing of traditional anti-spam mail devices. Moreover, even the famous Bayesian Algorithm cannot reach an effective defense and thus leads to an increase of customers' complaint.

Aiming at this newest delivering behaviors and characteristics, Cellopoint announces officially the up-to-date ICA (Intelligent Content Analysis) technique, which can prevent from GIF SPAM effectively yet simultaneously avoid hooking normal mails with GIF signature (e.g. companies' logo) and hence raises greatly the intercepting rate as well as customers' satisfaction. The so-called ICA technique is the latest rules developed by Cellopoint Lab, which can synthesize the features and delivering behaviors of a mail. Through Rules Update of Cellopoint E-mail Firewall or Cellopoint Secure Mail Gateway, the annoying problems can be solved easily and effectively.