Cellopoint announces New High-Effect CSLB

Taipei—June 20, 2006—To meet the demands by a wide range of clients for "fault tolerance and load balancing" in "email security" services, Cellopoint announced the brand new high-effect series products of "SLB-Cellopoint Server Load Balancer", catering to Cellopoint's existing E-mail Firewall equipments to process load balancing for Anti-Spam, Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware and Anti-Phishing. The technique can help plan several sets of Load Balancing Algorithm, depending on the processing capability of each scan server thus and so to achieve the best effect in scanning. In addition, this technology can provide monitoring and health check for several scan server that provides non-stop email security protection and therefore to enhance the quality of our IT services.

Additionally, CSLB can also serve as load balances for general servers, such as Web Server, Mail Server, Application Server that meet the demands by general companies, government institutions, financial institutions and schools.