Taiwan to enact regulations on spam messages

Taipei – 2009/3/3 –The Taiwan government on February 26 approved the Draft of Abusing Commercial Electronic Mail Management Act proposed by the National Communications Commission (NCC). Article 6 of the draft expressly provides that the competent authority may order EMSP and IASP to take necessary measures to prevent abusing commercial email. “Electronic Mail Service Provider (hereinafter referred to as "EMSP")” means one that provides the service for conveying, transmission or reception of other’s E-mail by installing E-mail server.“Internet Access Service Provider (hereinafter referred to as "IASP")” means enterprise that provides subscribers to access the internet by wire, wireless or any other manner. If the service providers violate this act or fail to provide information, they will be imposed with a fine of not less than NT$30,000 but not more than NT$300,000 and may result in consecutive fines in each case until full compliance. This Act will be enacted six months after being published. It is generally believed that the influence will included business, organizational unit, hosting service providers and ISP industry, and relevant units must all take a serious look at it.

Prevention is better than treatment

Cellopoint consultants state that if there were not enough network security protection and caused the email system being compromised as a spam forwarding station, or a Trojan injected computer became a spam springboard, all these might result in pecuniary penalty and image damage. In this law of responsibility, enterprises, organizations and service providers must be proactive and do a good job on mail system protection. Email security gateway is one clear path to fight against spam, virus, phishing and spyware for inbound and archive real-time content filtering and archiving for outbound messages. Different from those who can only deal within inbound mail, Cellopoint Email Security Gateway can do more with outbound messages and their content. Cellopoint Email Security Gateway can also serve as MTA to prevent mail system from open-relay and spam forwarding to ensure network security.

Preventive measures, burden of proof and reporting

Articles 6 second and third prescribe EMSP and IASP may reject to transmit or receive the sender’s email under the condition that the sender might be a spammer and shall submit the communication record to the competent authority. Article 9 of the Bill requires the burden of responsibility, service providers shall not refuse to provide the sender and advertiser information. Besides anti-spam practice, the burden of proof will be established on the premise that service providers have strict policies on retention of spam and message logs. And provide rapid search tools to access these records. Lack of well plan might cause many troubles on email system, storage and performance. Cellopoint Provides complex solution in conjunction with your existent environment to solve spam, archiving, and search issues. Cellopoint works as compliance assistant for you.

About Cellopoint Security Gateway

Email Security Protection

  • Anti-Spam : Get rid of spam and increase mail server efficiency.
  • Anti-Virus : Provide an ICSA certified antivirus engine to filter out mail traffic. (Optional)
  • Anti-Spyware : Equip a Web Coast Labs certified engine which passes 100% on Spyware testing. (Optional)
  • Anti-Phishing : Protect users from surfing malicious URL links that harbor spyware and phishing scams.
  • Anti-Relay : Prevent spammers from using your computer to relay their mails; via Open Relay.
  • Anti-DoS : Block DoS (Denial of Service) attacks which bring down your system.
  • Anti-Hacking : Fend off hackers from penetrate the firewall through SMTP security holes to install Trojan horses

Email Management

  • Statistics : Provide daily, weekly, monthly statistics on the volumes and sizes of mail traffic.
  • Analysis : Perform TopN ranking analysis on both sender and recipient sides of the mail traffic.
  • Mail Report : Generate reports from analyses and statistics.
  • Mail Auditing : Allow administrators to check mail history for inappropriate content.
  • Mail Search : Provide mail searching capabilities with Cellopoint’s proprietary search engine.
  • Mail Control : Provide mail control features to automatically forward, re-route, and assign aliases to specified mails

About Cellopoint
Cellopoint is a leading provider of email UTM (Unified Threat Management) solutions for organizations ranging from small businesses to large enterprise and ISPs. We defend against email threats such as spam and viruses, prevent leaks of confidential data by content filtering and secure mail delivery, archive email to protect your digital assets, comply with regulatory inquiries and corporate investigations in a single, web-based platform. We provide the maximum reliable, scalable and flexible solutions to help you deploy and manage easily. For more information, please visit: www.cellopoint.com