Secure your email while you are on holiday

You back to work from a long holiday of Christmas and New Year and suddenly find that your inbox are full of spam? According to Cellopoint Labs’ research, after the holiday, there are about 500 messages in each email account in average. Employees are spending the entire morning deleting spam and searching for legitimate email. This not only causes the user’s distress but also affects their productivity. The flood of email makes email system overloading and the messages are denied or bounced when the quota exceeds its limit. IT administrators should figure out the ways to maintain email service continuity and prevent inbound mass spam attacks. Consultants of Cellopoint said that businesses can adapt anti-spam products with automatic update database for those whose IT staffs are not on duty during holidays. Prevention is better than cure.
Cellopoint Anti-spam Gateway is a multi-featured hardware appliance deployed in front of a mail server to provide anti-spam, anti-virus, real-time content auditing and archiving features. By Employing 24*7 real-time monitoring from Cellopoint Global Anti-spam Center, the anti-spam patterns can be updated by 10 minutes. It can reduce the total cost of ownership including software licenses, hardware cost, power consumption, and service and support time. Cellopoint Anti-spam Gateway is one clear path to achieve anti-spam, anti-virus without installing individual products and simplifies management complexity and enhances performance of IT administrators.
About Cellopoint
Cellopoint is a leading provider of email UTM (Unified Threat Management) solutions for organizations ranging from small businesses to large enterprise and ISPs. We defend against email threats such as spam and viruses, prevent leaks of confidential data by content filtering and secure mail delivery, archive email to protect your digital assets, comply with regulatory inquiries and corporate investigations in a single, web-based platform. We provide the maximum reliable, scalable and flexible solutions to help you deploy and manage easily. For more information, please visit: