Malicious Email Threats Increase Tremendously

Taipei–November 04, 2008– Cellopoint Global Anti-spam Center said that their tests have found that more and more spam emails have contained malicious programs. This becomes the major way of infecting the users’ computers. If you are comparing with the last year’s data, the percentage of malicious programs in spam has doubled. About the attack methods, there are more and more cases that show they are using the social engineering to fraud the end user.

There have been big scales of malicious email attacking such as phony Microsoft security update or phony UPS, FedEx tracking number email, etc. Most of the users are very cautious about the attached file, but for the setup from the social engineering, they are easily to believe in the email and download the file in order for the hacker to steal the important personal information.

Also, hackers will embed a malicious URL link into the email and form them in the normal e-paper. After that, they will send out these mails by using a famous website or link. They are trying to make the user click the link they embed into the email to download the Trojan or malicious programs. When the bogus emails are so real that the users are hard to separate which ones are real and fake, most of the users will tend to believe in the email and click the link that attached with it. .

Reeducation and training can help the user in the organization to prevent this kind of email attack but it is more important to use the right facility to protect the system. By using the multi-featured mail gateway, it can be the first layer of the protection to screen out the spam at the first place. Inspecting the email that the company is sending out by preventing the leakage of important information is the second layer protection of the mail gateway. With the hardware and software together to guarding security of the email is your best choice.

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