Cellopoint Effectively Resolves Corporate Mail filtering and Audit Problems

Taipei–February 26 , 2008– It is critically important to maintain corporate intellectual property rights and sensitive data in order to reduce monitoring effort and financial risk and protect your company's brand assets. Cellopoint's content policy management helps IT managers to simplify complex management tasks: Cellopoint will not only manage your e-mail while helping implement policies and uphold regulations, but also maintain e-mail and data security. Any e-mail violating predefined rules can be automatically handled in an appropriate manner, avoiding unwanted information leaks.

Cellopoint inspects the content of e-mail sent internally and externally, and precisely-defined rules and filter conditions can be assigned to specific organizations, groups, or individuals, allowing e-mail to be isolated, routed, copied, or backed-up according to policy rules. The detailed audit statement function lets managers understand clearly the effectiveness of each policy, helping them adjust and optimize policies. Cellopoint's real-time content audit function quickly and effectively scans e-mail, and IT managers need not worry that use of the equipment will affect existing e-mail transmission functions—delayed transmission will never occur. To ensure that e-mail can be effortlessly filed, backed-up, retrieved, and read, Cellopoint is constantly performing R&D aimed at making sure that customers' e-mail and logs are properly stored and easily retrieved.