Cellopoint Issues Flash Spam Attack Alert

Most spam attacks formerly attempted to get users to click on links to fraudulent URLs and download backdoor programs. Current anti-spam products have gotten better at detecting these scams and updating URL blacklists, however. As a result, many emails containing malicious links are blocked before they can enter user's inboxes. Hackers have responded by using flash files that can jump past email filter engines. Links to malicious URLs are embedded in the flash files; malicious backdoor programs will be automatically downloaded and installed on the user's computer if the user executes the flash file. These backdoor programs may steal personal information or turn the computer into a member of a botnet, causing it to send out more spam without the user being aware.

Cellopoint reminds you to deal cautiously with this kind of file. It's not just executable files that are harmful; sometimes apparently normal documents, audiovisual files, and flash also contain hidden threats. But thanks to Cellopoint's 7x24 monitoring and analysis, and quick updating of our email characteristic database, our customers can avoid all threats and attacks under our security umbrella.