Fake CNN Scam contains Malware

At the beginning of 2009, Cellopoint Global anti-spam Center started to see hackers have launched another spam attack disguising as CNN.com news notifications about the Israeli invasion of Gaza to lure unsuspecting users to a phony CNN.com site. Some sample subject lines include: “Israel offers short respites from strikes” and “Hamas Goads Israel into War”. When the users browse the fake CNN web site, there is a streaming video for Gaza conflict. When they are trying to play it, the site says that the users must update their Adobe Flash 10. Accepting the download delivers a Trojan horse to the computer instead. This tactic is similar to the campaign that we originally saw in last summer. The Trojan horse steals bank accounts and personal information from the compromised computers and transfers to hacker organizations. We found that the volumes have reached 1 million since January 8.

Cellopoint URL Reputation is designed to solve this kind of problems. With real-time monitoring spam and phishing emails at Cellopoint Global Anti-spam Center, we deliver just-in-time anti-spam database pattern with URL credibility to our users. Cellopoint Anti-spam Gateway matches URLs from email content with phishing database and blocks threats in front of the email system. We highly recommend that users select an anti-spam product with a URL reputation feature in order to prevent such attacks from occurring.

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